The tidal turbines

A new front opens in the battle of renewable energies: the use of underwater currents. Keywords: renewable energy, hydraulic energy, hydroelectricity, recovery, use, sea currents, sea, tide, tidal turbine, wind turbines By Armelle THORAVAL Tidal turbines? Suspended in the air and anchored to the ground by its chains, the creature resembles a sort of seaplane […]

There are less than ten years to save the planet

There is less than a decade left to avert a catastrophic earthquake disruption, says a large study to be released Tuesday. Written by a wide panel of scientists, former politicians and economists, this report, called 'Meeting the Climate Change', sets the point of no return for climate change to be ten years or even less. beyond which the [...]

air car: it is the wind?

Here is a visitor's remark about Mr Negre's invention. "Several MDI shareholders are about to take action against the MDI group. Indeed, the concept of the air engine promised by Mr. NEGRE begins largely to drag in time. All 6 months of the promises of homologations [...]

A plastic that captures solar energy?

Major technological breakthrough Ted Sargent's researchers in Canada (MIT Microphotonics Laboratory and Nortel Networks) have designed a plastic that combines quantum dots, which are tiny semiconductors, with a polymer. The obtained nanoparticles, which measure between 2 and 4 nanometers, are capable of capturing the high wavelengths of [...]

Industrial composting

Industrial composting Keywords: recycling, compost, composting, green waste, organic waste, recovery. France produces nearly 600 million tonnes of waste annually, more than 400 of which is organic waste. For the latter, composting is a rapidly developing treatment path, favored by the current regulatory and sociological context. [...]

Jacques Benveniste died

Keywords: Jacques Benveniste, memory of water, molecules, drugs, applications, homeopathy. This article follows the death of Mr Beneveniste in October 2004. We would like to remind our readers the following thing: it takes 1000 experiments to confirm a principle but only one is enough to invalidate it! And let's be wise not to […]

Conference: How to tackle the post-Kyoto?

The climate issue has become central to Europe. It is no longer debated about its reality but political strategies. In the face of real uncertainty about the magnitude of the consequences, we must act. But how ? The Kyoto Protocol? Not everyone has signed it. Does the example have a virtue? How France and [...]

The Permian extinction

250 million years ago, climate change responsible for the great extinction The Permian extinction The Permian extinction is the greatest mass extinction that affected the biosphere. It occurred 250 million years ago and marks the limit between the Permian and the Triassic, therefore the limit between the primary era (Paleozoic) […]