Tsunami: call for your solidarity!

Outstanding news following the Asian catastrophe! Several French humanitarian organizations are increasing their calls for donations after the tsunami in Asia: - The French Secours Populaire has announced that it has released emergency aid from 100.000 euros. The financial donations, specifies the humanitarian organization, can be addressed to the French Popular Relief BP 3303, 75123 Paris cedex 3 or [...]

Warming and environmental balance 2004

2004 year confirms global warming

align = "left">Key words: global warming, global warming, greenhouse effect, pollution, CO2.

The World Meteorological Organization has just released a first global climate report for the year 2004, which will be completed in March 2005 when the December data is available.

According to [...]

Tsunami in Asia!

As you all know, a few days ago in Southeast Asia, a massive earthquake triggered a rare tsunami affecting many coastal countries in the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. Three days after the disaster, the facts are alarming: more 25 000 victims "official" and [...]

Transport pollution underestimated

The European Environment Agency (www.eea.eu.int), in its latest report "Ten Key Transport and Environment Issues for Policy Makers", says that the use of inadequate testing standards leads to underestimation emissions of air pollutants released by new vehicles. The test cycles do not reflect the actual conditions of use, which explains why atmospheric pollution [...]

Pantone project: good measure performance

To properly measure the performance of a "modified" engine, it is necessary to know some fundamental bases and techniques for engines and fuels. Here is the summary of an interview I did for Passerelleco magazine. The purpose of this article is to set these essentials for good performance metrics. Read the article on [...]

While measuring the performance of a combustion engine

How to properly measure the performance of a modified engine.

Here is the summary of anterview / article that I realized for the magazine Passerelleco.

Is the "Pantone" engine a solution for driving by reducing pollution and consumption? For pollution, it seems to bring a clear improvement. For consumption, the most contradictory allegations circulate, and sometimes, the pantone is [...]