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The first installation of fuel cell Chemnitz

The technical university and the services of the city of Chemnitz work together with the Richard Hartmann School for the development of alternative sources of energy. Since October 2004, electrical energy has been produced at Chemnitz from pure hydrogen. The first fuel cell installation in the city is at Richard Hartmann School. The current generates with maximum power [...]

Petroleum fuels: petrol, diesel, LPG kerosene and their additives

Characteristics of common petroleum fuels: petrol, diesel, kerosene, LPG, CNG, Butane, Propane and the main petroleum additives Keep in mind that no fuel is a pure compound. They are all (with some exceptions) a mixture of miscible compounds with complementary properties. The definitions of the characteristics are on definitions of fuels Petrol (heptane) Chemical formula: C7 H16 (approximate […]

combustion equation

Study of the combustion equation for the complete combustion of a hydrocarbon applied to engine depollution. Learn more: forum on combustion We start from the generic formula of complete combustion of Alcanes: CnH (2n + 2) + (3n + 1) / 2 * (O2 + 3.76N2) -> nCO2 + (n + 1) H2O + (3n + 1 ) /2*3.76N2 1) Volume study of the complete combustion equation: Considering the exhaust gases […]

Wastewater as an energy source

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have successfully tested a bacterial fuel cell, which produced a current of 72 watts per square meter from wastewater. Similar in design to the hydrogen cell (two electrodes separated by a proton exchange membrane), the device of [...]

Aeolian and local climate impact

Scientists have used the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS) to assess the impact a large number of wind turbines could have on the climate of the Great Plains. Somnath Baidya Roy, of Princeton University (New Jersey), and his colleagues simulated the presence of a park of 10000 giant wind turbines with blades of 50 meters [...]