Burning energy plants is from straw

As part of the priority research program on straw-based power plants, the specialized agency for renewable raw materials (FNR - Fachagentur fur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe eV) presented its first research projects on energy gains from cereals and straw in small and medium power plants (up to 1 [...]

Bioethanol: Flex Fuel technology

“Bi-fuel”: Brazil defends bioethanol. Soaring prices per barrel of oil are changing the behavior of Brazilian consumers who are looking for alternatives to the petrol car and are increasingly opting for “bi-fuel” vehicles (petrol / alcohol). In September, one in three cars sold in Brazil (32%) was already bi-fuel or […]

The Jap's Rods

Jap's Rods Inventor Noazarc Research Foundation, Doctor of Engineering Ben Shuwalts. According to www.Quanthomme.com According to "rumors-information" circulating on newsgroups, a Japanese device will be "on sale" or about to be. The information is to be taken with tweezers. Nevertheless, given the quality of information including a booklet in Japanese with photography [...]

A giant solar power plant will be born

This 100 Megawatt power plant - to be built in Spain by ACS and Solar Millenium - is expected to be the largest in the world. ACS, Spain's leading construction group, has announced plans to partner with the German firm Solar Millenium to build the world's largest solar thermal power plant in Guadix, southern Andalucia. [...]

SEA: the solutions?

EXCERPTS FROM DISASTERS AND SURVIVAL CRISES written in 1989 by Gabriel Ferrone. Contents - TRANSPORT AND KINETICS - INTEGRATING THE CITY INTO ITS ENVIRONMENT - PRINCIPLES OF URBAN KINETICS - PROPOSED SOLUTIONS - 1989– SOME INNOVATIVE IDEAS Transport and kinetics Let us return to traffic and the kinetics of transport, they involve more than regulations […]

Energy saving light bulb technologies

Bulbs and energy-saving lighting: bulb technologies, performance, advantages and disadvantages Keywords: bulb, compact fluorescent, compact fluorescent, reduction consumption, savings, economy, lighting, led When Philips replaced the approximately 10 000 incandescent bulbs illuminating the Eiffel Tower with compact fluorescent bulbs, the electricity bill of one of the most visited monuments in […]

Hydropower underutilized in the US

According to Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL), the United States would rank fourth in the ranking of countries with unexploited hydroelectric resources. As part of a project funded by the Department of Energy, INEEL scientists have drawn up a map of all these resources in the United States. The goal is to foster, [...]

A new generation METHOD electricity by biogas

Scientists from the Bornim ATB agronomy institute (Institut furAgratechnik Bornim eV) have successfully developed and tested a biogas fuel cell process which is a major step forward in the generation of electricity by biogas. It is the first PEM technology using biogas that is available and affordable. Under the management [...]

Oil and Sarkozy

Mr. Sarkozy, the oil lover There are the principles and the feelings. On behalf of the former, Mr. Sarkozy defends pure and hard liberalism. In the name of the latter, he flouts him. Take oil. No sooner has the surge in world prices begun to be painful than the Minister feels sorry for himself: sometimes on the fishermen, […]