greenhouse, one more effort!

The excellent French version (5 years of age!) Of the American National Geographic magazine, which for one hundred and sixteen years has discovered the world through dramatically illustrated reports, devotes a dossier to climate change in its October issue. . The part on the consequences of the greenhouse effect in France is supported by a [...]

The carbon scholarships

When carbon dioxide is sold by the ton

Before the end of the year,European Union companies will be able to negotiate their 'rights to pollute' at the European Climate Exchange, a brand new carbon exchange.

If market forces and the environment seldom get along, a new project, unveiled the September 7, may be reconciling them. The European Climate Exchange (ECX), a subsidiary of [...]

Florida expects Jeanne

MIAMI (Reuters) - Several hundred thousand people living on Florida's east coast have been instructed to leave their homes in anticipation of the arrival of Storm Jeanne. The depression, which devastated Haiti last weekend, is expected in the night from Saturday to Sunday on the coasts of [...]