Be citizens pollute more!

Another proof of the dependence of our society on oil and the double discourse of politicians who take their fellow citizens for gogos. This winter, a period of diurnal ignition test of car lights throughout the territory will take place from 30 October 2004 to 27 March 2005, with the aim ... to increase security [...]

Updated: recommend this site.

Online posting of a "Recommend this site" function. So if you like this site you can advise your friends very easily and why not to yourself to remember its existence 😉 This function has been added in the right column between "The Newsletter" and "Interesting Links"

The following maps: the Northwest Passage

"Since the industrial revolution, there has been a warming of the climate leading to the melting of the Arctic sea ice. [...] Thus, in twenty years, the Northwest Passage (in yellow on the map) could be free of ice and be used by the cargo ships »... To understand what links global warming, mineral resources and geopolitics, find the [...]

Peak Oil

The “peak oil”, time bomb of the XXth century So, when is peak oil? This moment from which the world oil production will decrease, for lack of reserves, arrives but at a speed still unknown: "Impossible to answer with precision", recognizes Jean Laherrère, one of the members of the association Aspo (read [ ...]

Brussels: the kingdom of lobbies

According to Novethic. Between 12 000 and 20 000. This is the number of professional lobbyists in Brussels. According to the European Business Observatory, 60% of them work for companies against only 30% for national governments. The lobbying of companies is ensured by four types of structures: the representations specific to each company, [...]

Galey on-unit test

Example of an amateur research concerning a SUR-UNITAIRE system Based on the principles of a French patent. By JC V amateur researcher and passionate about various electronic assemblies, former technician, former radio amateur, who will try with the words of the candid to present to you the beginnings of his experimentation. I would like to specify that my assembly can […]

PFE Pantone: more figures!

Online publication of the following documents of my End of Studies Project on "Pantone Process". 1) The figures of some appendices of the study. 2) The depollution, measurements carried out in a technical control center I took advantage of it to reorganize a little the section documentation by creating a heading "PFE Pantone". Thank you for your future comments. Especially […]

Ekopedia: practical encyclopedia dealing with alternative techniques of life

Ekopedia is a practical encyclopedia project dealing with alternative life techniques. The encyclopedia is free, written cooperatively and its content is freely reusable. The objective of this encyclopedia is to identify, define and explain alternative life techniques. This, with the primary purpose of allowing us to live in a more autonomous way. In short, this [...]

The madness of men, to see a movie

Men's Madness (Vajont) Italian, French film (2001). Drama. The title was enticing and we are embarked for an afternoon movie. Well, this movie is certainly not a masterpiece, it has a lot of flaws. But history holds our attention because it is true: a dam is under construction at the bottom of an Italian alpine valley [...]