The Amazon could turn into savannah

BRASILIA (AFP), the 28-07-2004 The Amazon rainforest can turn into savanna zone from 50 to 100 years because of the global warming of the planet and the fires that destroy the forest area in Brazil, warned Tuesday a Brazilian scientist. "Almost all scenarios suggest a" savannah "(from the Amazon) by 50 [...]

Posted: wind power and energy storage

Put on line the following pages: 1) We started our file on renewable energies by the most "noble" of it: The wind. Other pages will follow (Solar, Geothermal, hydropower ...) in the heading " Solutions »Wind energy: problems and facts 2) Energy Storage: A key technology for decentralised power, power quality and clean transport. [...]

Plan for Climate Action, Serge Lepeltier

Here is finally the long awaited climate plan. Originally scheduled for last fall, it was presented last July 22 by the Minister of Ecology and Sustainable Development. The text of the declaration is available at this address: http: // Id_article = 2560 What to say about the orientations that are taken in this act? The first statement to [...]

Oil breaks engines?

Does the oil break the engines?

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Rapeseed oil damages engines

Diesel engines have problems with a rapeseed fuel. Of the 110 experimental tractors put into circulation by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment since 2002, eight are no longer working due to severe engine failures. 71 tractors [...]

Diesel Water Blend by the University of Cologne

New process for mixing diesel water

A team of researchers fromThe University of Cologne's Institute of Chemistry has developed a fuel based on diesel, water and surfactants, which has the remarkable property of being thermodynamically stable. In addition, this fuel may contain a variable amount of water.

The idea of ​​mixing diesel or gasoline with water to improve performance is [...]

Live from India: some environmental news

ENERGY 26 proposals for the unconventional energy project of West Bengal. "Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd", Hyderabad, "Suzlon India Ltd", Gujarat and "Shri Vasavi Industry", Hyderabad, are among the 26 companies that have responded favorably to projects of the West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA), Calcutta , to meet the identified need of 400 MW in energy [...]

Consult online the air quality forecasts

The Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development launched Wednesday 7 July 2004 the website for air quality forecasting throughout France The site allows the public to consult on-line forecasts for the next day and the next day in terms of pollution with ozone, nitrogen dioxide [...]