The hydrogen engine

Hydrogen engine

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An abuse of language means that the engine based on a fuel cell is called a hydrogen engine. But some details are necessary:

1) A conventional combustion engine (spark ignition) is capable of [...]

Fuel saver Herail

The energy saver of Mr René Herail.

Keywords: economizer, energy,fuel, gasoline, engine, consumption, decrease, reduce.

Here is an article published the 2 and 3 July 1990 in the Journal le présent concerning a fuel saver (and inevitably of pollution) patented by Mr René Herail that [...]

Download: The energy in all its forms

Energy in all its states by Professor Daniel Favrat, Director of the Institute of Energy Sciences (ISE) .This document, very technical, contains numbers and concepts essential to any good energy. Powerpoint format (.ppt), 1.9 MB Download the file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Energy in all its states

Download: Peugeot Particle Filter

PSA Diesel Particulate Filter Presentation of the Peugeot Particulate Filter, many arguments (technical-commercial) in favor of this technology, very far from being mastered and the use of the additive "Cerin Eolys" whose health effects are almost ... "unknown". The use of ceria is no longer relevant since 2007 in FAP. Dossier on the Cerine [...]

Download: Characteristics of Fluence

Features: 4,4 m long, 1500 kg and 280 Cv under the hood ... still a very econological model. And this while waiting for the 4 × 4 Renault under study ... then that of Peugeot who will necessarily "respond" ... At this rate the "Mad Max" (vehicles like the shortage ...) is for (after) tomorrow These studies and achievements [...]